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Our wills, trust and estate planning solicitors combine proactive advice and personal service to help you plan for the future and safeguard your financial security. We will help you to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and enable you to exercise as much choice and control as possible over your financial affairs. We understand the difficulties that can arise in relation to disputed wills and estates and work closely with experts in our Dispute Resolution group to help you achieve a favourable outcome to your dispute.

Our highly regarded wills, trusts and estate planning solicitors are experts in all areas of trusts, wills and estate planning. We will listen to you and take time to understand your individual requirements in order to provide innovative and tailored solutions for all your planning needs. We can help with trusts, wills, inheritance tax, domicile, business succession planning, foreign property, nursing home costs, lasting powers of attorney, probate and estate management, including disputed estates.

charitable trusts

Setting up your own charity enables you to advance your chosen cause in a tax-efficient environment and to leave a lasting legacy. Charitable trusts, unlike private trusts, are not subject to the rules against perpetuity and can, in effect, run indefinitely. We can help you to decide on the appropriate charitable vehicle to suit your needs; this may be a charitable trust or a charitable company limited by guarantee.

probate and estate administration

We recognise that dealing with the legalities following a death in the family can be difficult. We can help guide you through the process, explaining what steps need to be taken and how the deceased person’s estate will pass, either under the will or under the intestacy rules. We can assist you with grant of probate/grant of letters of administration; valuing the estate; Inland Revenue forms; applying for the grant; and disputed probate.


You can set up a trust in your lifetime or in your will. In either case the trustees then have to manage the assets on behalf of the beneficiaries according to the terms of the will or trust deed. We have specialist trust lawyers and trust administrators who can assist with establishing trusts and with the ongoing administration of trusts. We can assist trustees with the production of trust accounts and with the completion of trust tax returns.


Under intestacy rules, a surviving spouse or civil partner may not inherit your entire estate but may have to share it with children or with your parents or siblings. Cohabitees and step-children will not automatically benefit from an intestate estate. A well drafted will can ensure that your chosen beneficiaries inherit your estate with the minimum of fuss. Our will writing solicitors will help you to plan for the transfer of your estate on death; taking into account your family and fiscal circumstances. Issues such as guardianship and the appointment of appropriate executors will be addressed. Once we have ensured that your will has been validly executed, we store it and provide you with a copy for your records.

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