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family law

If you are facing divorce, separation, domestic abuse or other family difficulties, our experts will help guide you through this often distressing and confusing time.  We will handle your case with sensitivity and care, and provide one to one support when you need it most.  Our family law solicitors will take time to listen to you, explain your options and work hard to provide the best outcome for you.

We will offer you expert and affordable solutions on all family law matters including divorce, financial settlements on divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation, children issues, child abduction, civil partnership, collaborative law injunction and child maintenance. 

Our clients value our high quality, value for money service that distinguishes us as one of the leading divorce teams in South Wales.  We are specialists in resolving financial disputes and have an unrivalled reputation for combining excellent negotiation and mediation skills with tough litigation expertise to achieve the best financial outcome for you. 


The Thomas Simon family team offer expert advice in respect of all aspects of divorce, and financial division of assets. 

When you decide to end your marriage, you can choose to divorce, separate or agree a judicial separation.  Our team specialises in guiding you through the legal issues of the relationship breakdown and will consider the long term implications for you, providing you with support and guidance at an extremely emotional period of your life. 


Whilst divorce and separation is very emotional and often painful, very often the most difficult and unsettling part of the end of a relationship can be resolving issues over finances and matrimonial assets. 

Our family team has a wealth of experience specialising in matrimonial financial issues, dealing with clients coming from a range of backgrounds.  We have experience in resolving complex issues, high net worth assets, which include business assets, as well as assets in the UK and overseas. 

Our team has a reputation for excellence in resolving financial disputes through negotiation.  We are able to offer a collaborative law approach if you and your partner are able to negotiate but wish to do so with the assistance of your solicitor. 


When you divorce or separate, you remain parents.  It is important that you make a positive difference for your children, helping them to adjust to their new family life.  We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues relating to children in a child focussed, discreet and sensitive approach. 

It is difficult for some parents to discuss arrangements for their children directly, due to the emotional issues that arise upon the breakdown of a relationship.  In light of this some parents find it useful to use mediation agencies to assist them in overcoming their own issues and focus upon reaching an agreement about their children.  It is only when negotiations between parents, with or without the assistance of a solicitor or that mediation is unsuitable or unsuccessful that the Court will become involved.  Our Lawyers work closely with other agencies and we are able to offer a collaborative law approach. 


If you are going to enter into a civil partnership, our family lawyers have considerable experience in drafting pre-civil partnership agreements.  We are able to also provide expert advice regarding the breakdown of a civil partnership including the implications of financial claims, children disputes and domestic violence.


Our family lawyers have a wealth of specialist experience in dealing with families who experience all forms of domestic violence which includes, but is not restricted to, physical violence. 

Our service is sensitive, professional and discreet. 

Our priority is to ensure the safety of any children and our client.  We work very closely with local organisations who are experienced and experts in assisting families affected by domestic violence. 


Our family team is highly experienced in providing specialist advice for couples who are co-habiting with one another or where the co-habitation relationship has broken down.  We are able to consider with you all of the likely options and remedies available following the relationship breakdown. 

We are also able to provide high quality specialist advice for couples who wish to enter into pre-nuptial agreements.  Pre-nuptial agreements are being requested increasingly so when couples wish to achieve certainty and control over how their matrimonial assets may be divided upon a relationship breakdown.  Whilst not legally binding in England and Wales, the Courts are considering them as one of the factors to be taken into account when considering the division of financial assets.  Pre-nuptial agreements are particularly important for those couples who have substantial assets or complex personal or financial circumstances or where they have had children from a previous relationship which they wish to provide financial protection for in the future. 

We are able to provide an expert specialist service assisting with the negotiation of the agreement and we are able to draft clear, concise pre-nuptial agreements accurately reflecting what you as a couple wish. 


The overriding idea of collaborative law is that you and your partner are in charge of the legal process, rather than your solicitor.  It is a non-confrontational approach based on open, honest and respectful discussions between you and your partner with the assistance of your collaborative lawyer. 

Once an agreement has been reached, our collaborative lawyer will draw up a settlement agreement which will then be submitted to the Court for approval and made into a final Order. 

Our team is here to help you.  We take pride in our meticulous care of your case.  We have an outstanding reputation for combining excellent negotiation and mediation skills with tough litigation experience and expertise to achieve the best outcome for you. 

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