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Commercial Litigation

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The expert lawyers in our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will work with you to help you understand your options and agree with you the best strategy to deal with disputes to prevent financial and reputational damage to you or your business. Our focus is to resolve your dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible with minimal risk.

We understand the need to keep costs under control and will provide you with a breakdown of costs each month.


Our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team offers a cost-effective and efficient agency service for those firms without a presence in Cardiff, or who need assistance in the Cardiff Courts. We can assist with the issue of court proceedings and applications, the sealing and filing of documents, advocacy before District Judges, including applications for summary judgment, to set aside judgment, for relief from sanctions, for strike out applications, and in final charging order, bankruptcy and winding up hearings, and assisting in the selection and/or instruction of counsel.


Our team is experienced in arbitration governed by the rules of the Court of International Arbitration and the International Chamber of Commerce, in addition to those governed by the Arbitration Act 1996.


Many businesses are likely to be affected by fraud. Fraud can be committed by anyone with whom the company has a business relationship such as suppliers andd customers, as well as by employees and senior officers. Suspected fraud requires prompt and effective action and our team are experienced in responding promptly vigorously.


Our team is commercially minded and will aim to resolve your contract dispute quickly and effectively in accordance with your business objectives. We deal with disputes relating to all types of commercial contracts, including agency and distribution, payment and financial obligations and sale, delivery and hire of goods.


Corporate disputes, including those involving shareholders, can often lead to a significant disruption in the day to day running of a business if not managed properly. We are experts in resolving such disputes decisively, pragmatically and sensitively, presenting the most appropriate range of resolution options available including alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation.


Our international dispute resolution work involves all aspects of jurisdiction and choice of law, including pre-action issues such as advising which courts to sue in; which systems of law apply; and the tactical decisions that can make all the difference to the eventual outcome of the dispute.


Intellectual property disputes require a blend of both intellectual property and litigation skills and experience, balanced with tactical, commercial strategy. Our team have the experience to advise upon all types of intellectual property disputes.


We advise both customers and supplier on a wide range of issues including software disputes, termination issues, software licence disputes, and internet and domain name disputes.


We regularly advise both remaining and departing partners and members in family-based business and professional partnerships and LLPs. Partnership disputes often involve the rights and liabilities of the parties following a partner’s or member’s retirement or expulsion from the partnership or LLP or its dissolution or winding-up. If court action is required, we will take swift and decisive action.

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